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Last Result Draw Bulgaria Lottery

Winner 15 Jun 2024


Grand Winning Money

Game Winning Prize
3 Numbers $2.000.000
4 Numbers $8.419.000
5 Numbers $10.000.000
6 Numbers $15.993.000

Bulgaria Lottery Online

The Loto draw is organized every day. 6 balls are introduced into a drawing machine which selects six balls whose numbers constitute the winning draw of the day. Pulling procedures are carried out in strict accordance with established laws and respecting established security standards to ensure the integrity of our system and processes. A draw team comprising internal representatives, a Games Police officer and members of the GamblingRegulatoryAuthority are present at each draw. The procedures governing the draws are documented in writing and approved by the GRA whose representative must certify that each step of the draw is undertaken in accordance with the written procedures.